Inside Short Cake & Single Origin Coffee at the Farmers' Market, Now Open

Short Cake, the bakery offshoot of Short Order, opened its doors to the public today at the Original Farmers' Market.

Sweet and savory pastries abound at Short Cake, like a delectable chocolate chip cookies, scones, breads, quiche, muffins, and a bacon cheddar croissant, to name a few temptations. Sharing the stall with Short Cake is Single Origin, a coffee bar run by barista Nik Krankl, which features, as the name suggests, single-origin coffees served pour-over style, brewed to order. (Psst: It's the only place in the Farmers' Market serving up this kind of coffee and using these brewing techniques!)

LAist's Julie Wolfson headed over to the famous corner of 3rd and Fairfax this morning to take a peek at the new bakery and cafe.