City Attorney's Office Wants to Bar 46 Arrested Protesters From City Hall, Comparing Ban to a Battered Wife's Restraining Order

The city attorney's office is feeling abused.

On Friday, it recommended that 46 of the 292 Occupy L.A. protesters who were charged with resisting arrest during the raid on City Hall earlier this week be barred from protesting at City Hall again, according to CBS Los Angeles.

"We believe it is appropriate since they were arrested for violating the law in that area that they be ordered by the court not to go back to that area," Criminal Division Chief Earl Thomas told CBS.

This is the part where we wish that CBS had taken a direct quote from Thomas, who compared what protesters did on the City Hall lawn — mostly for failing to disperse after police declared an unlawful assembly — with a man beating his wife: "He likened it to a husband accused of beating his wife, saying it would be reasonable to request the husband not be allowed to be near his wife."

Thomas added: "It's also appropriate because of the length of time they spent at the location and the damage done and that many people have clearly indicated they intend to continue demonstrations and to come back to City Hall."

On the other hand, the sheriff's department, which transported arrestees to jail, are investigating claims that protesters' requests for medical attention were ignored while they were held on a bus, according to The Daily News. We transcribed the story of one woman arrested named Deidre, who described the disgusting conditions on the bus in detail.