Just What You Need: A $100 Burger

The MNO Burger (Photo courtesy Umami)

They call this burger the MNO, which is short for "Money is No Object." What else would you call a $100 hamburger?

It comes from Umami Burger, who tell us this pricey plate of high-end "junk" food is owner Adam Fleischman's variation on his truffle burger.

Here's how the Umami folks describe this wunderburger:

As always, Umami Burger starts with a hand ground and formed patty. Made from one single cow and dry aged, the beef is extremely rare grass-fed Wagyu. Wagyu Beef is usually grain fed. From there, Umami Burger tops the patty with Grade-A Hudson Valley foie gras, an onion marmalade and reduced 1977 Croft Vintage Port. As the final topping, Fleischman adds about a 1/4 inch of freshly shaved Italian white truffles, in season now.

But don't think you can save your ducats for a few paychecks and blow your wad come springtime: The MNO Burger is only available during truffle season and by advance order for private events at $100 each.

That's right. This burger is so special you have to throw a party to get it to show up at your table. "Private events at any Umami Burger location requires a 25 person minimum and off-site catering requires a 50 person minimum."

Ohhhhh. Well, there's always In-N-Out, where for $100 you can get enough burgers to pretty much feed the whole party.