Umami + Going Green + The Grove = Ultimate Trifecta of L.A. Trendiness

Adam Fleischman of Umami in 2010 (Elise Thompson/LAist)

It's hard to imagine more L.A. trend clichés in one sentence, however we're learning that burger chain Umami is going green big time with their just-announced ninth location at The Grove.

The new restaurant will seat 175 between indoor and outdoor tables, says Eater LA, and the location will serve as the ever-expanding L.A.-based chain's flagship. To accomplish what Umami owner Adam Fleischman foresees as a big national brand expansion, he has secured the financial backing of SBE, who will go 50-50 with him in all new endeavors.

How green will the former spa space be once it goes Umami? Explains Eater:

Umami outpost number nine is being built from sustainable and recycled materials, there will be solar power in addition to other eco practices. Think FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified hardwoods, bamboo and fiber board, Energy Star rated appliances, and an overall LEED Certified space.

Smug shoppers and celebutantes will be able to grab a table and gobble down their Umami sodium bombs at The Grove in the fall, says the L.A. Times.