Carmageddon Doesn't Care About Your Botox, Prius, or Audition

It's coming, and it doesn't give a hoot about your busy life. Carmageddon doesn't care about your Toyota Prius, your audition in Burbank, your Les Miz or Shrek the Musical tickets, your meet-up in Runyon Canyon, or your Groupon for Botox.

"Just park your car that weekend," advises a wise Xtranormal bear in this goofy video ribbing Angelenos' panic about not being able to use a portion of the 405 Freeway for a weekend all while pitching a website that aims to help L.A. cope with the seemingly un-cope-able. "Explore your neighborhood. Find a new friend." It's true: It's not impossible. "It's only a road. Get over it."