Kareem Slam Dunks, Smashes Pumpkin to Promote New Smashing Pumpkins' "Oceania"

What do you get when you take two past-their-prime, bald legends, a deformed pumpkin, and a video camera?

In this viral video cross-shilling, Kareem, a noted jazz fan slam dunks a pumpkin to the delight of Billy Corgan, who, as the leader and only remaining original member of Smashing Pumpkins claims to have never seen or attempted such a smashing, and then returns the favor by pitching Kareem's latest project, the documentary On the Shoulders of Giants.

You can only imagine what Kareem is thinking in this black-and-white dunk sequence. We couldn't blame the Lakers legend, most recently seen bitching about the lack of a Staples Center statue of his likeness, for possibly having that pumpkin he's palming confused with the head of team spokesman John Black.

As for the Pumpkins, the video for "Owata" (off the upcoming album "Oceania," part of the 44-song Teargarden by Kaleidyscope project) premieres tonight at 9 at Yahoo!.