LAPD Releases "Baby Stroller Bandits" Video

LAPD released a detailed surveillance video of two women collaborating in the theft of a wallet from a baby stroller at a downtown swap meet. In the video, one woman is seen screening another who tries several times to grab the wallet out of the stroller, before finally succeeding, at a store on the 500 block of South Los Angeles Street.

The suspects "first size up their victim, which in this case was a mother with her 23-month-old toddler inside a stroller," said Los Angeles police Lt. Paul Vernon."Her husband is seen standing nearby."

"We've identified a trend in these kind of thefts over the last several months, and we want shoppers to be more aware," Vernon said.

The video, complete with text commentary over blue slides, is titled "Baby Stroller Bandits" and should be seen as a warning to all such bandits across the land.

Police suspect the women live in the area and seek the public's help in finding them by phoning in any leads to Detective Mike Mazzacano at 213-972-1231, or Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.