LAPD Officers Accused of Excessive Force at Atwater Village Halloween Party

An investigation is underway after a videotape of an altercation outside an Atwater Village home was revealed on Wednesday.

The two-minute video begins after the owner of the house, Danny Moran, was arrested for allegedly assaulting the officers. While the responding officers await backup, a party guest asks why Moran was arrested. The discussion gets heated and before long, the officer wields his baton.

"When I tell you to back off, you back off," scolded the sergeant. "I told you to relax," Moran responded. "You back off," said the sergeant, according to the video.

Moran and his wife presented the video at a news conference Wednesday with their attorney, according to L.A. Now. Moran claims that officers struck him with their batons without provocation.

An LAPD Internal Affairs Division is investigating the incident.