No More Animal Promos, Pink Taco Pledges To PETA

Pinky, Pink Taco's mascot, seen tied up outside the chain's Century City location on Cinco de Mayo. (via TwitPic)

A PETA-packed punch to Pink Taco has yielded a pledge from the restaurant to never again use animals in events or promotions after the Century City location painted a live donkey pink and tied it to a post in 90-degree heat to promote Cinco de Mayo specials on Thursday.

Harry Morton, the restaurant's owner, was reminded by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals of a pledge he made to PETA in 2008 for a similar Pinky stunt related to the opening.

PETA has received the following statement from Morton, reaffirming his pledge never to use animals in promotions again: “…Pink Taco has agreed not to use animals at our events and promotions and we are looking forward to…discussing how we can work together in the future.”