'Social Cigarettes' Street Artist Admits Facebook Addiction

facebookcigs.jpg An L.A.-based street artist known as 2wenty can't seem to get enough of the social network that he's related to metaphorically as cancer sticks in his work. But Facebook has already gotten the relative street art newbie into local gallery shows as well as attention from across the pond.

“I make pieces about what’s bothering me,” said 2wenty, who is actually turning 30 this month and is employed in the media industry, according to Forbes' blogger Kashmir Hill. “People are always on Facebook at work and while walking down the street.”

Facebook may cause "loss of time, poor work ethic, obesity, social disorder and possible interference of destiny," according to the mock-Surgeon General's warning on the 3-D version of the box, now on display as part of downtown (just off Gallery Row) gallery Crewest's current installation "Above the radar," which focuses on the work of graffiti and street artists.

But everybody's on Facebook and so is 2wenty, who regularly posts updates to his profile and is adored by a few dozen fans. Shots of other work by the street artist has been documented on various local blogs as well as by LAist Featured Photo Pool contributors.

Photo by JulieFaithvia flickr.