Guess Who's Coming to Town (to Screw Up Our Traffic!)?

President Barack Obama on Aug. 15, 2010 (AP Photo/Dave Martin)

President Barack Obama announced this week that he is officially bidding for re-election in 2012, and to bring his campaign some bucks, he's scheduled a visit this month to Los Angeles for a fundraiser. The event will take place on April 21 at Sony Pictures Studio in Culver City.

Want in on the action? Be ready to shell out $2,500 for VIP seating or $250 for general admission—though they do have a limited time offer of $100 admission ("for those under 40 years old," explains the Daily Breeze). Admission and the donation are being handled online via Obama's 2012 campaign website.

This is Obama's sixth trip to Los Angeles, and if the previous five were any indication, Angelenos may find the occasion another opportunity to experience—and bemoan—what a presidential visit does to our traffic. Ideally, like Obama's visit in October to attend a pre-midterm election rally at USC, the White House will announce what street closures they can ahead of time so that commuters can plan ahead.