Banksy Update: Missing Charlie Brown, Defaced Crayola Shooter

Today in Banksy...

There's a hole in the concrete where a Charlie Brown arsonist used to be. Varying accounts of ownership are being reported on Melrose and Fairfax though it seems more than unlikely that the missing chunk of wall actually ended up selling on eBay.

In other art-destroying, art-removing news the Urban Outfitters Crayola Shooter piece in Westwood has been defaced with a huge paint stain and tagged MBW. Twitter reports indicate it's currently being cleaned.

And, according to a newly snapped Twitpic, the Vegas billboard on Sunset Blvd. is back to its original scantily clad glory minus Micky and Minnie's booze-fueled lechery. See all the LA pieces (so far) claimed on Banksy's official site.