Banksy Getting Busy: Billboards and More. 5 4 Pieces So Far!

Look who/what showed up overnight on this billboard at Sunset and Crescent Heights! Could this be another Banksy?* Wooster Collective says yes. The irreverent Mickey and Minnie seem to fall in line with his other pieces that have shown up in L.A. this week, like the "Crayola Shooter" and the "Charlie Brown Firestarter" which pair childhood icons (crayons, Charlie Brown, now Mickey) with something darker (shooting, arson, booze-fueled lechery).

Melrose and Fairfax have a reader who thinks she's spotted a fourth Banksy, a peeing dog, locatedon Little Santa Monica Blvd in Beverly Hills, on the building next to the Beverly Hills Sports Community Center.

A reader has alerted us to a possible fifth Banksy, this one a girl holding a mallet that is between a comic book and music store near West Hollywood. (Ed. note: Turns out this is by DogByte, and is a wheat paste done next to Golden Apple Comics on Melrose at La Brea. Thanks to all who helped us confirm it's NOT a Banksy!)

*The "Living the Dream" billboard, the "Pissing Dog," the "Charlie Brown Firestarter," and the "Crayola Shooter," are all confirmed Banksy pieces, and have been posted to the street artist's website.

The "Living the Dream" billboard images come to us via reader Matt Hartman and the "Mallet Girl" from reader Matthew Hudson and are used here with permission. "Pissing Dog" is courtesy The Dirt Floor via Melrose and Fairfax.