The Video Store Revisited at the Little Victory Theatre

skypilotnewlogofinal jpeg.jpg Rewind, a new group of plays, enjoys a premiere tonight at The Little Victory Theatre in Burbank. These short one-acts (each runs about 15 minutes) are written by members of the SkyPilot Theatre's resident playwrights program and star some of the company's talent. Five plays will premiere on Friday night and the other five will show on Saturday.

The SkyPilot Theatre, led by actor and director Bob Rusch, first started putting on shows in 2004, focusing on discovering emerging artists and premiering new works. Since then, they have recruited 10 talented playwrights as part of the program. Looking to showcase their talent, according to Rusch, "We came up with the idea to create 10 one-acts that all take place in the same location and chose a video store for that location."

The plays range from drama to satire--and even include a musical. Jonathan Price wrote Wandering Willows as a send-up to the golden age movie musical. Price writes that "the new clerk is a Walter Mitty type who, as soon as the manager is in the back room, puts on his favorite movie musical Wandering Willows." Soon enough, the musical comes to life to hilarious effect.

Liz Shannon Miller's Judgement also tends toward the funny. Miller mines her experience as a video store clerk to send up an employee who is very judgmental of people's movie choices. In Miller's words, "Back then, of course, I judged people silently; in Judgement, the video store clerk gets to make a federal case of her disapproval. Almost literally." Whether you were the judge or the judged at the video store, you can't go wrong with either night of entertainment at the Little Victory.

Rewind @The Little Victory Theatre
Friday and Saturday at 11 pm., Through March 12
Tickets: $10