Porn Movie Company Has Another Offer for OctoMom

Suleman. (Screenshot via Radar Online)
Nadya Suleman, aka Octomom, said no to an offer in late 2009 from Vivid Entertainment to star in a porno flick, but the adult film company has another proposition on the table that could get the mother of 14 out of debt. While Suleman wouldn't take the $1 million offered by Vivid's Steve Hirsch, she could soon have her landlord.

Facing eviction from her La Habra home after failure to make a $450,000 balloon payment to the homeowner, Amer Haddadin, Suleman could wind up on the Vivid payroll after all, according to CBS2. Haddadin confirmed that he "is considering selling the Southern California home," to Hirsch.

However, that doesn't mean Hirsch will force Suleman to take a starring role in one of his company's films. Hirsch told the press "this week that he doesn’t intend to pressure Suleman into porn by becoming her landlord, but he’d like her to work for Vivid in a different capacity." Err, and that capacity is what, exactly? Den mother? Wet nurse? In vitro fertilization obsessed pop culture media figure?