Ladyparts Herbal Steam Bath Coming to a Spa Near You

Photo by Badruddeen via Flickr
It's a traditional Korean vaginal steam bath called chai-yok and if holistic spas in Los Angeles get their wish, you'll be indulging in one soon, according to the LA Times.

The steam baths typically include a boiling pot of tea that contains special herbs for what ails you. These herbs often include the Harry Potter-esque mugwort for balancing female hormones and wormwood to detoxify and cool.

Women "squat" over the rising steam that has been said to offer many far ranging benefits from fighting stress and fatigue to eliminating toxins, sorting out kidney problems and helping women solve years-long fertility issues.

Despite skepticism among fertility doctors, this little-known-in-the-West Korean tradition is making its way to L.A. spas.

Santa Monica spa Tikkun Holistic Spa offers a 30-minute "V-Steam" treatment for $50 and Daengki Beauty Spa in Koreatown offers a 45-minute "V-Herbal" Therapy treatment for "$20 a squat."

Feeling left out, men of L.A.? You're in luck. There's also a perineal steam on the spa menu just for you.

Who's booking an appointment before the new year?