Party Like Rhesus Witherspoon: Today Is Monkey Day!

Didn't know Ms. Legally Blonde was a monkey? It's true. Many famous people are actually monkeys: Josh Roloway, Christina Aguerezas, Barbara Mandrill, Jessica Langur, Marmosetduke, Spidermonkeyman, Howler Mandel, El DeBrazzas, Tamarin Diaz... Even historical figures like Christopher Colobus and Capuchin Kangaroo were monkeys.

So, how does one celebrate this upside down holiday? We recommend doing some monkey business on Melrose with a Paul Frank shopping spree, devouring a few pints of Chunky Monkey and going bananas from the sugar rush and of course, a visit to the LA Zoo. Got another idea? Saki it to me.

In honor of this special day, the official Monkey Day website has a video roundup of the best monkey stories of 2010.