Celebrate Comedy, Fight Hunger

Scott Aukerman (LAist Interview) and BJ Porter want to help feed hungry locals. To do so they’ve assembled a super-team of funny friends from their weekly stand-up show, Comedy Death-Ray, to help raise money for the LA FoodBank, an agency who will help 1.6 million LA Country residents this year.

There’s a Christmas CD, a big live show, and chances to win unique comedy experiences via eBay. Proceeds from all three will go to the LA FoodBank. A donation page is live for those who don’t like to laugh yet like to feed the hungry.

The Comedy Death-Ray Xmas CD 2010 features cuts like the above “We Are The World,” James Adomian’s “Huell The Howser Angels Sing,” and, of course, Myq Kaplan’s “How Hitler Saved Christmas.” On Tuesday December 14th, Comedy Death-Ray’s Annual Xmas Nativity Pageant goes down at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Hollywood. Announced performers are Sarah Silverman, Kevin Nealon, and Thomas Lennon.

Then there are the one-of-a-kind eBay auctions that might just change your life while saving another's. Of these unique ways to spend your cash, Aukerman has a favorite. “I love the Tom Lennon writes and performs your video eulogy,” he told LAist. “I just love the idea that someone from Idaho could buy it, pass away, and then all his friends are confused as to why the guy in shorts from Reno 911 would have sent a tearful goodbye.”

One of the hotter auctions features a chance to co-host Comedy Death-Ray Radio alongside Aukerman. “The only advice I can offer the winner of the CDR Radio auction is to bring it! Because I will DESTROY you. Or create a spin-off show starring you. I haven't decided yet.”

Bidding closes on December 11th. Here are some of the highlights --

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