Monarch Butterfly Whodunit in Venice

Photo by aehack via Flickr

Did you build the butterfly habitat in Venice? Did you? Or you or you? A very cool someone has built a monarch butterfly sanctuary in a rundown Venice lot, according to the Venice Patch.

The habitat was discovered a few weeks ago, on the side slope of a lot on the east side of Pacific Avenue and 29th. It's furnished with dozens of milkweed plants - serious grub for Monarch butterflies - and boasts a sign that says the secret stash is a sanctuary to feed them and "offer them a place to rest and breed on their annual 3,000 mile migration to Mexico."

Awwww. Isn't it nice to know there is a silent do-gooder among us?

So we ask you again, was it you? Who is wise enough to create such a Monarch haven and
humble enough not to grab the limelight in 15-minutes-of-fame Los Angeles? On a day when the news is oh so bleak and WTF?, we salute you. Whoever you are, rock on Monarch Maestro, rock on.