What Won, Lost: The California Proposition Roundup

As of 12:25 a.m., with 56% of precincts reporting, analysts and news sources had called the results for all of California's nine propositions. Four won, five lost. Not many surprises here:

Prop 19, Legalize and tax marijuana: Lost
Prop 20, Congressional redistricting: Won
Prop 21, Fund state parks via $18 vehicle license fee: Lost
Prop 22, Bans state borrowing from local governments: Won
Prop 23, Suspend California climate laws: Lost
Prop 24, Repeals corporate taxes: Lost
Prop 25, Simple majority to pass the state budget: Won
Prop 26, Supermajority vote for some state/local taxes: Won
Prop 27, Disbanding the state redistricting commission: Lost