Taxing Marijuana, Funding Libraries, LADWP Reform and More to Be Considered for March 2011 Ballot

It may be election day, but the Los Angeles City Council has their work cut out for them as this week is the last to approve items for the March 8th, 2011 ballot. That's the municipal election where half of the City Council is up for grabs along with a number of measures. A couple ballot items are already approved — like pension reform — but at this morning's meeting, several more will be considered.

Of those are major L.A. Department of Water and Power reform proposals, which include giving the City Council more control over the Board of Water and Power commissioners and the General Manager (currently, the Mayor pretty much has complete control over these entities), establishing a Ratepayer/Inspector General office and having the utility submit its budget to the City Council.

Other measures to be considered are about increasing library funding (so branches don't have to be closed two days a week), taxing oil extracted within city limits (L.A. is the third largest oil field in the country, after all), clean money campaign financing, updating community plans every decade and, if Prop 19 passes today, establishing a new business tax license for businesses that want to sell marijuana for recreational use.

If most of these are approved for the ballot, this could be one of the most exciting municipal elections L.A. has seen in awhile.