Extra, Extra

Sunset over Long Beach | Photo by J.Rossier Photography via LAist Featured Photos on Flickr

  • It appears the dumping of waste by RV dwellers onto public rights of way in Venice is a continuing issue. The latest documentation is on Yo! Venice!
  • Abdel Ghani Meskini, the terrorist convicted for his plan to blow up LAX, has a hearing scheduled for Friday because he violated probation..
  • Anna Nicole Smith's psychiatrist and boyfriend today were convicted of conspiracy by a jury. The case revolved around prescription drugs, and the doctor who prescribed them was acquitted.
  • For a Halloween themed protest, Latino students at Placita Olvera today portrayed Republican gubernatorial candidate as a witch.
  • What a lede: "A Cathedral City police officer accused of stripping off his uniform while on duty and jumping into a pool with three women, allegedly sexually assaulting one of them, was charged with multiple counts Thursday by the Riverside County district attorney’s office."
  • If urban areas are short for land when it comes to installing solar panels, why not cap freeways with them?
  • Health issues in California are not exactly covered as comprehensively as they should be, but the year-old California HealthCare Foundation Center for Health Reporting at USC Annenberg is seeing success.
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