Legislator Plans Party to Celebrate Mobile Billboard Ban

Photo via Office of Bob Blumenfield
With new state legislation giving local governments the power to ban mobile billboards, San Fernando Valley politicians are ready to party. Literally. Assemblymember Bob Blumenfield, who co-authored the ban with Assemblymember Mike Feuer, today announced that next week he's holding a party to celebrate the passing of the legislation.

Referred to as mobile billboards, the unhitched trailers display vertical advertisements and are found throughout the city, especially parked on wide streets in the West Valley. In some L.A. City Council districts, they are among the top complaints heard from residents because they are seen as blight and can be a safety hazard.

The party, complete with a "No Mobile Billboard" cake, is on Monday from 5 to 6:30 p.m. at the Van Nuys State Building Auditorium (map). Officials are expected to also discuss next steps for implementing the ban in Los Angeles. City Councilmember Dennis Zine and a posse of retired LAPD officers are hoping the city's ban will be in place on January 1st when the state law goes into effect. If so, it will be a bad day for the signs.