403 Reported Bed Bug Cases in Los Angeles

A snowglobe, a postcard, maybe a t-shirt or a mug...those are the kind of things you want to bring home from your trip. But hotels, and even some apartment buildings, all over the country are reporting bed bug infestations, and here in Los Angeles, there are now 403 reported cases, according to the BedBugRegistry.

"In Southern California, the red dots [on the Registry] suggest bedbugs have been feasting heavily on sleeping victims in the Hollywood and Westlake neighborhoods of Los Angeles and in downtown San Diego," notes the Seattle Times.

The rise in bed bug infestations is credited to prolific global travel, and people transporting the insects in their luggage and on their bodies from location to location. The majority of the outbreaks are on the east coast, particularly in New York City, where over 4,000 reported cases have been logged.

"Three ways to avoid the spread of bedbugs is to carefully inspect hotel rooms, wash all clothes taken on a trip in hot water, and vacuum and treat your luggage," advises a recent post on the AccessRx Health Blog.

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