Map: A Soda By Any Other Name

Here in California, we call soda, well...soda. But in other parts of the nation when we want a sweet, carbonated beverage, we need to change our tune and ask for a "pop," a "coke," or any one of a dozen other regional nicknames for the drinks.

According to data collected by Alan McConchie in his "Great Pop vs. Soda Controversy" project, over 75% of Californians say "soda." Other, perhaps more jokey responses for names include "fizzy lifting drink," and "hot man gravy," which reveals that about 25% of Californians who take surveys about soft drink names think they are really clever (read all the answers here).

This map, using data arranged by county, was created by Matthew Campbell and Prof. Greg Plumb of East Central University in Oklahoma.

What do you call a soda (or a pop)?