Holiday Box Office Review: It's All-American!

Though Friday estimates indicated that Machete might win the weekend, it was George Clooney's subdued The American that ultimately topped the box office. Despite the purported presence of Lindsay Lohan's titties, Machete only managed to bring in $14M, far shy of The American's $16.3M ($19.5). The resilient Takers placed a strong third ($13.5M | $39.9M), well ahead of The Last Exorcism ($8.7M | $33.5M) and Drew Barrymore's latest catastrophe Going the Distance ($8.6M).

The second half of the top 10 was led by the durable The Expendables ($8.5M | $94M). After that it was the funny but not hilarious The Other Guys ($6.6M | $108.1M), the neither funny nor hilarious Eat Pray Love Fuck Foreign Guys ($6.2M | $70.3M), the dependable Inception ($5.8M | $278.4M) and the allowable Nanny McPhee Returns ($4.6M | $23.5M). In limited release, the Blood Simple Re-Make did okay ($7,260 per theater) while Mesrine 2: Public Enemy #1 was mediocre ($3,006).