DVD Tuesday: Anyone excited about MacGruber?

You know it's a slow week when crap like MacGruber heads the list. Like most Saturday Night Live movies, it's a funny 30-second idea that's ninety minutes too long. If Spread didn't pave the way for Ashton Kutcher's exit from Hollywood, surely Killers will, right? Yeah, nope. Solitary Man isn't a great film, but it's further proof that Michael Douglas somehow morphed from an overrated actor to an underrated one. Not being a huge box-office draw has served his talent well. Sure, The Office has steadily gone downhill since this high point. Still, it's better than every comedy on CBS. Whatever happened to the George Lucas that made THX 1138?

Solitary Man
The Office: Season Six
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Prime Suspect: The Complete Collection
Party Animals
Fable: Teeth of Beasts
Bloodlust: Erotic Cinema of Tony Marsiglia