Box Office Review: A Despicable Win!

In a huge surprise, the brilliantly subversive Despicable Me dominated the weekend box office ($60.1M), almost doubling the total of last week's winner The So-Called Twilight Saga: Eclipse ($33.4M | $237M). The surprisingly well-reviewed Predators placed a strong third ($25.3M), just ahead of the sturdy summer champ Toy Story 3 ($22M | $340.2M). The dismal Avatar: The Last Airbender collapsed in its second weekend but still raked in an undeserved $17.1M ($100.2M).

The second half of the top 10 was, er, topped by the dreadful Grown Ups ($16.4M | $111.3M). After that it was the fun Knight & Day ($7.8M | $61.9M), the unnecessary Kung Fu Kid ($5.7M | $164.6M), the decent A-Team ($1.8M | $73.9M) and the gleefully weird Cyrus ($1.3M | $3.5M). The limited release crowd produced a massive hit over the weekend in The Kids Are All Right ($72,143 per theater). The Girl Who Played With Fire enjoyed a strong start ($8773 per) while the Grease Sing-A-Long sparked only mild interest ($6500).