Found in LA: We were Thinking More Funereal, but Maybe with a Water Feature

DSCF2045 (Small).JPG

Decorating your backyard can mean a lot of tough decisions. Tropical or desert? Should the plants be drought resistant? Maybe Adirondack chairs.

But then I guess some people think a peaceful angel would bring serenity to the garden. Maybe even bless it and keep it safe. This statuary angel is not an anomoly. They are all over the place.

So go on, decorate your backyard like a cemetary. Plant some Ivy and Myrtle. If you wait until the day after Halloween, you can add on some pieces for extra flair. Or maybe save some money. Tombstones are expensive. Stick a piece of garden statuary on your grave. I'm going for a gnome. Probably the one with the rake, but the one with the wheelbarrow is kind of cool too.