Box Office Review: Toys Dominate Grown Ups!

Pixar's Toy Story 3 enjoyed a very strong second weekend and easily claimed the weekend box office crown with a hefty haul of $59M ($226.5M). The terrible Grown Ups was a distant second with $41M, but that was still twice as much cash as the disappointing Knight and Day ($20.5). The Kung Fu Kid continues to do well ($15.4M | $135.6M) while The A-Team will struggle to hit the magical $100M barrier ($6M | $62.8M).

The second half of the top 10 was led by the funny Get Him to the Greek ($3M | $54.4M). After that it was the boring Shrek Forever After ($2.8M | $229.3M), the dull Prince of Persia ($2.8M | $86.1M), the bad Killers ($2M | $44M) and the dreadful Jonah Hex ($1.6M | $9.1M). In limited release, South of the Border ($21,000 per theater) and the fantastic Restrepo ($15,250 per) did great business while Wild Grass was solid ($7140).