Found in LA: But it's sooo Tempting!

Every once in awhile you come across a directive that seems obvious, even bordering on the ludicrous, like

"Do not use hair dryer while sleeping".

This sign at the local pet shop is especially ridiculous because cats can't even read. So good luck with that.

In actuality, it seems that the ruffians from Menchies Frozen Yogurt next door have made this cat wonderland their own personal hangout spot.

But those things can't even hold obese cats. They probably top out at 40 pounds. Who could even manage to perch on the little pedestal? The actors from 90210?

There must have been some impetus for this sign. Some spectacular arm-windmilling, collapse, cat furniture falling like dominoes, the screaming of Olsen twins rising in the air.

It's too bad, really. The cylinder with the hanging mouse was my favorite.