Meet the Family Behind Pink's Hot Dogs!

Pink's Hot Dogs has always had a varied fan base, from Sugar Ray Leonard, Bruce Willis, Snoop Dogg, Karl Lagerfeld, Leroy Neiman, who once sketched the stand, and most recently Betty White, who just famously unveiled her favorite hot dog, "The Naked Dog". We eagerly await their newest stand in LAX.

Paul and Betty Pink opened the original stand, which at the time was just a pushcart, in 1939. The corner of LaBrea and Melrose was considered to be out in the country at that time. The area has been built up to surround Pink's, but they have remained in the same location for over 65 years. Now Paul's kids, Gloria and Richard Pink, run the business along with Richard's wife, Beverly Pink. LAist chatted with the Pinks at last night's Beastly Ball., a benefit for GLAZA,