Found in LA: We Know Who You Are

IMG_6349 (Small).JPG

This is a spectacular WANTED sign. It's not looking for a missing puppy, yet it includes drawings to identify the missing objects. The drawing of the shopping cart — 3-dimensional wiring — that deserves a prize. We should all send them a dollar to buy new stuff just for that drawing. What's even more amazing is that there is more than one sign. They replicated that drawing by hand.

I like the subtle passive-aggressive combination of "No questions" juxtaposed with the vaguely threatening "We know who you are." You're the guy clipping his branches with my bolt cutters, digging holes with my shovel and toting his groceries right past my window with my cart. In fact, I'm gonna draw a picture of you and hang that up, how do you like that? Hey, who stole my marking pen?