Only Photo of JFK & Marilyn Monroe Together Unveiled, On Sale

Cecil Stoughton (Keya Morgan via LA Observed)
June 1 would have been Marilyn Monroe's 84th birthday, and yesterday a celebration of sorts was held at Art & Artifact: The Photographic Art Center in West Hollywood.

A rare photograph taken of the troubled iconic blonde with brothers Robert and John F. Kennedy hours after Monroe famously cooed "happy birthday, Mister President," has been unveiled for the public to see.

Keya Morgan, of the Keya Gallery explains the significance of the image: "This is the only existing photo of Marilyn Monroe with either Kennedy Brother, since the others were confiscated by the Secret Service and the FBI."

This particular image, taken by JFK’s personal photographer, Cecil Stoughton, "survived only because the negatives were in a dryer when the rest of the film was confiscated," notes the Huffington Post.

Morgan purchased his print--one of 10 made--for a documentary he is assembling about the actress' life, then presented it to another entertainment icon whose life ended too soon, Michael Jackson.

Now "The Secret Photo" is on display--and for sale--at the gallery. It is listed at $23,000.