Holiday Box Office Review: America Rejects Sex!

Despite a huge amount of buzz amongst its core audience of superficial women, Sex and the City 2: I Am An Idiot was easily dispatched by the sleepy Shrek Forever After and the pointless Prince of Persia: Sands of Something or Other. The rancid tale of four middle-aged drag queens earned a mere $37.1M over the holiday weekend, just behind Persia's $37.8M and well off Shrek's mammoth $55.7M ($145.4M). Iron Man 2 continues to hang around ($20.6M | $279.1M), topping the disappointing Gladiator 2: Robin Hood ($13.6M | $86.3M).

The second half of the top 10 was led by the surprisingly resilient Letters to Juliet ($7.2M | $37.9M). After that it was the mild Just Wright ($2.7M | $18.6M), the sturdy Date Night ($2.2M | $93.9M), the underrated MacGruber ($1.9M | $7.5M) and the powerhouse How to Train Your Dragon ($1.4M | $213M). In limited release, the superb Agora ($21,600 per venue) and the winsome Micmacs ($14,175) enjoyed solid debuts, as did the re-issue of Godard's seminal classic Breathless, which averaged a cool $10,250 in two theaters.