If Parking Fines Increase by $5, What Will the New Prices Be?

The L.A. City Council yesterday voted to increase parking fines by $5. While that won't take effect until the full budget is approved and then some 30 to 45 days after that, it would make Los Angeles the priciest place in the region to receive a parking ticket. Here are a few violations and what they will cost if everything goes to the city's plan:

  • Failure to Deposit a Coin into the Meter/Overtime Use of the Meter: $55
  • Street Cleaning: $65
  • Parking in a No Stopping Zone: $85
  • Parking in an Anti-Gridlock Zone: $155
  • White or Yellow Loading Zone Violations: $50
  • Over 18" from the Curb: $50
  • Parking in a Front Yard (yeah, you can't do that, stay on the driveway): $55 ($80 and $130 for 2nd and 3rd violations within one year).

If one you're curious is not listed, ask in the comments section and we'll look it up.