Box Office Review: Iron Man Kills Robin Hood!

While by no means a flop, Robin Hood does bear the scent of an under-performer this morning. The latest Ridley Scott | Russell Crowe collaboration only managed to steal $37.1M in its debut, placing a distant second to the mighty Iron Man 2 ($53M | $212M). Female counter-programming didn't exactly work for Letters to Juliet which only garnered $13.8M in its opening frame. Romantic "comedy" Just Wright was even worse at $8.5M, while powerhouse How to Train Your Dragon continued to print money ($5.1M | $208M).

The second half of the top 10 was led by the dreadful A Nightmare on Elm Street: Part 16 ($4.7M | $56.1M). After that it was the sturdy Date Night ($4M | $86.7M), the evil The Back-up Plan ($2.4M | $34.2M), the silly Furry Vengeance ($2.3M | $15.1M) and the clumsy Clash of the Titans: People Will Watch Fucking Anything in 3D ($1.2M | $160M). In limited release, neither Princess Kaiulani ($5606 per theater) nor The Living Wake ($4800 per) made much of a splash at the box office and should quickly disappear.