A Chunk of Joe Torre's Baseball Brain

A Chunk of Joe Torre's Baseball Brain by Caleb Bacon
Joe Torre Has A High-Five For Andre Ethier | AP Photo/Christine Cotter

Los Angeles Dodgers Manager Joe Torre is one of Major League Baseball's deep wells of wisdom.

The 69 year-old was a career .297 hitter through a playing career that spanned the majority of the ‘60’s and ‘70’s. While having won numerous championships as a Manager, Torre isn’t just some old guy that calls the shots.

Earlier this afternoon, during his usual pre-game dugout chat with the media, Torre shared a chunk of knowledge on winning.

He cited a recent quote from a dominant rival.

"The starter's job isn't to go out and get a win, it's to put the team in a position to get a win," San Francisco Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum told MLB.com.

"Which is right," commented Torre.

“You go out there and you can take care of what you can take care of, and then whatever the result is, the result is. That’ll relieve a lot of pressure from you when you’re trying to control winning the game, as opposed to trying to control what you can do that would lead up to winning the game."