Box Office Review: Jennifer Lopez Fails!

Considering the former magnitude of her fame, it was expected that Jennifer Lopez's The Back-up Plan would at least eke out a box office victory this weekend. Nope! The little animated movie that could — How To Train Your Dragon — topped the charts for a second consecutive weekend ($15M | $178M), easily beating J-Lo's rancid "romantic comedy" ($12.2M). Date Night continues to chug along nicely despite not being nearly as funny as either The Office or 30 Rock ($10.6M | $63.4M). The Losers lived up to its title ($9.6M) but still managed to best the fantastic Kick-Ass ($9.5M | $34.8M). Note to parents: stop being such prudish losers (click it! click it! click it!) and bring your underage kids to see this superb and violent R-rated film!

Clash of the Titans is somehow still making decent money ($9M | $145.6M). Whatever happened to negative word of mouth? The same can be said for the unnecessary re-make, Death at a Funeral ($8M | $24.8M). Disney's breathtaking Oceans enjoyed a good weekend and is worth your money ($6M | $8.4M). In tragic news, The Last Song is slowly becoming a very successful film ($3.7M | $55.3M). Congratulations go out to all the dumb teenage girls who've made Miley Cyrus a star (also, thanks for fucking Twilight, you dopes!) And finally, who would have guessed that Alice in Wonderland would end up being such a monster hit ($2.2M | $327.4M)? Good to see Burton back on top. Can't wait to see how he blows it!