Box Office Review: Surprise!

While most of the smart money had the godawful Clash of the Titans repeating as box office champ, it was the scrappy Date Night — the middling movie that could — which ultimately won the weekend. The marginally funny "comedy" hauled in $27.1M to best the marginally mythologically accurate Clash ($26.8M | $110.4M). The wonderful How to Train Your Dragon enjoyed a strong third weekend ($25.3M | $133.8M) while Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married Too cratered ($11M | $48.5M). In disquieting news, The Last Song was pretty solid ($10M | $42.4M). This means more Miley movies, America. Shame on you.

The better than expected Alice in Wonderland continues to print money ($5.6M | $319.3M). It barely topped the hilarious Hot Tub Time Machine ($5.4M | $36.9M) (which should be doing better) and the laughless Bounty Hunter ($4.3M | $56M) (which should be doing much, much worse). Diary of a Wimpy Kid ($4.1M | $53.7M) and Letters to God ($1.2M) rounded out the top 10. In limited release, Everyone Else ($11,400 per venue), The Square ($8250) and When You're Strange ($8163) all had solid debuts, while La Mission ($3267) was mediocre and The Black Waters of Echo's Pond ($619) bombed. Get ready for Kick-Ass next weekend!