Tsunami Activity in SoCal Reported; 2-3-ft Surges, Minor Damage

As expected, the North American West Coast is seeing some tsunami activity following this morning's deadly 8.8 earthquake off the coast of Chile. At around midday those in beach communities in Southern California began to see a change in the Pacific as a series of surges hit the shoreline. The activity is hard to uniformly predict, however we're largely looking to experience 2-4 foot surges for a period of about two hours.

So far "the Santa Monica tide gauge reported a 2.1 foot surge in water level from the initial tsunami wave at 12:24 PM PST. Ventura Harbor officials reported a 3 foot surge in Ventura Harbor...also reporting they have lost several navigational buoys due to rapidly retreating water following the initial surge," according to the National Weather Service.

Earlier today in Santa Barbara eyes were on the approaching waves, and similar activity was reported in Orange County.