Tiger Woods: A What If?

Tiger Woods: A What If? by Caleb Bacon
Mister Woods Is Sorry | AP Photo/Sam Greenwood

What if it wasn’t supposed to happen like this?

It’s no secret that professional athletes have historically more marital arrangements than Joe The Monogamous Plumber. There are often involve multiple partners involved. This is nothing new.

But when is it cheating?

What if that which a spectator deems cheating isn’t what the relationship’s participants declare to be infidelity?

Plenty of professional athletes have “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policies with their wives when it comes to sexual hijinx with other women. While less common outside of professional sports, many on the inside believe such arrangement can be found on every major league team in America (Los Angeles Sparks notwithstanding).

What if Tiger Woods had such an arrangement with his wife Elin?

What if he didn’t cheat because he was permitted to have his fun?

It's possible, though The Woods Family Unit would never let us know.

That brings us to: The Mistresses.

Whether or not Tiger's Swedish wife was alright with them, she still might've said:

“It was never supposed to happen like this.”

Everyone has been very quick to jump to conclusions on this whole thing, but maybe we have no clue at all.

I’m just saying...

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