Ralphs Looking to Upgrade Sherman Oaks Store, Studio City Store Rumored to Possibly Close

Rendering of the proposed Ralphs Fresh Fare
As HOWS Market in the NoHo Arts District takes a dive, the nearby popular Ralphs in Sherman Oaks at Ventura Boulevard and Hazeltine Avenue is looking to upgrade. The Kroger Company is looking to completely redo the property, turning the store it into a Fresh Fare, and adding a handful of other retail options (they could end up being restaurants, dry cleaners, a cell phone store, etc).

Instead of the ugly-fugly mini mall look, designs are now sporting no set back along Ventura Boulevard, giving the street a more urban and consistent feel with the rest of the area.

A Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council planning panel has tentatively approved the project and so has a Sherman Oaks Chamber of Commerce committee. However, there are some rumblings among the community, mainly concerns about increased traffic.

Additionally, we're told that the nearest Fresh Fare location in Studio City at Ventura Boulevard and Coldwater Canyon Avenue is located on land still owned by the former owners of Hughes Grocery (that's where the H in HOWS Market comes from). Is Ralphs preparing their nearest store just in case the lease doesn't get renewed? Will HOWS or a different market replace it? Or will Ralphs stand strong?