Recession Obsession Eye Nosh: Old School Pie

Recession Obsession Eye Nosh: Old School Pie by Caleb Bacon
Philippe's Pie | Photo by Caleb Bacon (@thecalebbacon) for LAist

A Recession Obsession is, 1) a meal so great that it sticks in your mind long after digestion's end, and, 2) plays nice with your sensitive wallet. Is there a better place than Los Angeles to eat a wide variety of amazing food that so happens to be inexpensive? Probably not. We're as lucky as we are well fed. We last obsessed over looking at Churro Bites, and Eating The Purple Line. Today we obsess...

LAist is a big fan of Philippe's The Original. The restaurant has been in Los Angeles for so long that you can French Dip Like It's 1909 (and don't forget their breakfast.) For $2-$3 a slice, you can have a generous piece of one of their many pies. They seem to have about a dozen different fruit and cream pies, each looking up at you longingly from below the glass. Need something more? Wash it down with a beverage. Most are under a buck. Philippe's is easily accessible on the Metro too.