Great Gift Idea: Yoga at Home

yoga.jpg Still searching for the perfect gift for your hard-to-please friends? Allow us to propose a solution — hit them all at once with an intimate group yoga class, held at your home with instructor Sari Heifetz Stricke of Sari Yoga.

Stricke has been running Sari Yoga for three years, and bases her classes on the philosophy that yoga should be accessible to everyone, not just Santa Monica moms flitting about town in Hard Tail pants (our example, not hers). By taking classes at home with a group of friends or family, Stricke says, students often feel more comfortable asking questions and having fun, and don't feel the competitive edge that has become par the course at many yoga studios.

Offering classes for couples, groups of friends, kids and seniors and everyone in between, Stricke encourages would-be yogis of all shapes and sizes to give the practice a try.

Sari Yoga

Photo by enfad | Flickr