Silver Lake and L.A.'s Bicycle Plan

The L.A. Draft Bicycle Plan in the Silver Lake area. Solid Green = Existing Bicycle Lane; Dashed Yellow = Potential Bicycle Lane; Dashed Blue = Bicycle Friendly Street; Dashed Purple = Proposed Bicycle Route; Solid & Dashed Maroon = Existing & Proposed Bicycle Paths | Download the full map here (.pdf)

The ever-so engaged Silver Lake Neighborhood Council tomorrow will meet and consider a motion telling the city their recommendations on the controversial draft bicycle plan.

Currently, the plan says there is potential for a bicycle lane for the length of Glendale Boulevard, which runs through Silver Lake, from Atwater Village to its terminus at Beverly and 1st. Today, bicycle lanes can be found on Griffith Park Boulevard, between Los Feliz Boulevard and nearly making it to Sunset Boulevard, where heavily traveled bike lanes can be found. Silver Lake Boulevard also has lanes between Glendale and Sunset Boulevards.

The draft plan says there is also potential for lanes along Silver Lake Boulevard until it ends at Beverly Boulevard, and then continuing towards the Vermont/Beverly Red Line station. Some neighborhood councilmembers agree, asking the full board recommend that the city follow through with the lane, changing it from a "potential" lane to a "proposed" one.

Other recommendations include designating West Silver Lake Drive as a bicycle friendly street: "The loop around the Silver Lake Reservoir is a popular destination
for recreational cyclists, runners and walkers," the motion reads.

Other bicycle friendly designations the motion seeks are:

  • From Temple St. north on Coronado to continue beyond Sunset Blvd and Scott Street east to Waterloo, north on Waterloo to Mayberry, east on Mayberry to Mohawk, north on Mohawk to Berkeley, east on Berkeley to Glendale Blvd.
  • Effie between Griffith Park and Talmadge street.

The motion ends with this sentiment: "While outside of the SLNC boundaries, a bicycle infrastructure without continuous connectivity to Hollywood and Downtown Los Angeles is useless. Assign proposed designation to bike lanes east and west on Sunset Blvd from Downtown to Hollywood."

The meeting takes place on December 2 at 7:00 p.m. at the Micheltorena School Auditorium (1511 Micheltorena Street).