Kid Sister, Flosstradamus @ the Echoplex 10/24/09

Don't get me wrong, I love me some indie rock. Dark stages populated with a handful of plaid-shirted and bespectacled gents with questionable hygiene pulling perfect amounts of distortion and fuzz out of a banged up Fender is my definition of a good time. But a girl needs variety to keep things interesting, and sometimes that means packing rap, sass, and style into 5 feet of lovely, aka Chicago's very own Kid Sister. Touring with DJ duo Flosstradamus in support of her November 17th album drop Ultraviolet, the lady with the Pro Nails had even the nonplussed bartenders doing a little head bob.

Backed by two silver-masked dancers in black jumpsuits (with a creepy, yet distinctive Eye's Wide Shut feel to them) and brother J2K (half of Flosstradamus) as hype man, a glitter-clad Kid Sister crisscrossed the stage with mega-superstar sex appeal, her long hair whipping with every bounce and rhyme. With production by A-Trak (and others) on the forthcoming new album, it's only a matter of time before a night at the Echoplex seems like a distant memory.