TV Junkie: Red Carpet at USA's 'White Collar' Premiere Event

USA's "White Collar" Premiere with Tiffani Thiessen, Matt Bomer, and Tim DeKay from Thomas Attila Lewis on Vimeo.

Tonight at 10:00pm USA will be premiering their new dramedy "White Collar". At the premiere event this morning at Rockefeller Center in NYC, the TV Junkie had a chance to talk to stars Tiffani Thiessen, Matthew Bomer, and Tim DeKay.

The series pairs master "white collar" criminal Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer) and hardened FBI agent Peter Burke (Tim DeKay) on capers where they need to track down various corporate criminals - but all that's later because tonight is the excellent premiere that puts these two together. If you are a fan of "Burn Notice", then you should check out this show.

"White Collar" premieres on USA at 10pm tonight.

"White Collar" starring Tiffany Thiessen, Matt Bomer, and Tim DeKay premieres tonight at 10pm on USA