Circlesquare and Junior Boys @ the El Rey 10/14

In a city with a penchant for dress up, it took a bit of time to realize that Wednesday night at the El Rey was in fact themed for the Junior Boys Halloween Tour. (The dude dressed as Jesus only confused the matter; it was the carved pumpkins that finally did it.) Vancouver duo Circlesquare took the eerily back lit stage first with their not-really-dance-music dance music, described on their album website as "opiated rave-ups, like early bleep techno chopped and screwed, or shoegaze in an electric exoskeleton".

By the time Circlesquare finished, the place was packed with werewolves, vampires, witches, and the like, all primed and ready to scream out "In the Morning!" in the hopes that Junior Boys' Jeremy Greenspan or Matt Didemus would kick into the synth-pop gem. Thankfully, the Boys delivered the hits (2006's So This is Goodbye) alongside the new jams (2009's Begone Dull Care), even taking time mid-set to chair a costume contest (Jesus for the win).