Har Mar Superstar @ The Echo

In these fiscally responsible times, it's all about the size of the bang relative to the buck. While the days of blowing cash on the trendy, half-assed, and all-around mediocre are long gone, I'm inclined to see this as an opportunity for those who do more with less to garner our attention and our paychecks, because, quite frankly, it feels good to promote a thoroughly good time.

LA local favorite Har Mar Superstar (Sean Tillmann) must have written this memo because he brought sex, sweat, and soul to The Echo's hot flash of a crowd Thursday night in the reveal of his new full length album, Dark Touches. If bra throwing is any indication (and I think we can conclude it most certainly is), it was clear that the five year wait for new material since 2004's The Handler had only made the heart grow fonder.

After a well received kick-off by the always enthusiastic Brother Reade, Sean and crew featured headstands, light saber stage decoration, hot boy band members in white denim, cheetah print undies, and a pink Medieval Times genie ensemble that blew my mind so profoundly I didn't know whether to kiss Har Mar or rub his gut for luck when he exited the stage.

All this for under $20 with booze? Saving money never felt so good.